Healthy Roots gleaned over 10,700 lbs of veggies and fruits in 2016.

Find out what we have in store for the 2017 gleaning season.

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Healthy Roots supports local sourcing

Healthy Roots mission is to strengthen the local food system of Northwest Vermont for the health and vitality of our community.

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Small-batch big flavored cultured butters will change your relationship with butter forever! It's not your standard stick. Interested in bringing cultured butter into your home OR better yet, are you a restaurant or chef out there looking to purchase it in large quantities to make your customers smile?

We have a local producer able to sell 40-50 lbs per month! Just tell us your needs. Interested in learning more about the producer and product?

Contact jsetta@nmcinc.org or call 524-8947.

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Learn more about our producers and find local food near you!

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